Coming in 2022! The new Starfish III, a luxury charter yacht like no other. Capable of carrying 24 guests and 10 crew to the most remote regions of the world. 

REA Technical Services has been awarded the contract for the Navigation and Communication systems. We are also working on plans for the IT and Audio Video systems. REA Technical Services will be installing and commissioning the ships monitoring system in conjunction with another engineering firm.

5/14/18 Update, preliminary approval has been granted for replacing the speed log with another device TBD

5/18/18 Consideration and planning for an upgrade of the sonar to the Furuno CSH5LMK2 Full Circle scanning sonar.

5/18/18 Consideration of changing the Transis ECDIS to the Furuno ECDIS.

7/2/18 Design of custom marine HVAC system from Flagship Marine, with REA Technical Services support awarded.

8/13/18 Completion delay due to materials cost increases.

11/15/18 Project back on schedule, discussions being entered to change Satellite domes to KVH

6/12/19 Budget submitted for approval

10/2/19 Final project lists specified , engineering deposit received .

10/2/19 REA has been awarded a project to create a PLC system to control and monitor a Flagship AC system. The system will allow local or central control of a large ship's HVAC system. It will allow system override from the bridge communication station or the engine control room .

Sample Drawings