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REA Technical Services has developed several training courses to educate our personnel.

We value training as highly as any other asset we have. Recently we have decided to share our expertise with the rest of the industry. Our courses are ideal for small marinas, boat manufacturers and any other related companies desiring to improve the knowledge of their personnel. Here is a list of courses available to your company or organization.

Basic Electrical Theory

Basic electrical theory is intended to give the typical installer or technician a better understanding of electrical theory. It is ideal for the beginning and intermediate levels of experience. Chapters include:

1. History- a not so brief history of the evolution of human knowledge of electricity

2.Elements of Electricity, Magnets and Magnetism

3.Understanding Current, Voltage and Impedance

4.The "Laws"

5.Series and Parallel

6.AC Current

7.Motors, AC and DC

8.Switches and Relays

9.Fuses and Breakers

10.Diodes, Transistors and other Semiconductors

11.Batteries, Chargers and Inverters

12.Basic, Really Basic, Circuit Design

13.Wire, Wiring Practices and Standards

14.Meters, Testing and Troubleshooting

15. Safety, the last thing I say might be the first thing you remember  

This course takes two full days with several videos and labs to go along with the course. Sample problems can be given to challenge the newly found knowledge. An optional test can be given if desired. A suitable space must be provided and class size should be 15 or less for labs and viewing efficiency. A pared down version could be delivered to cut it to one day if desired. The course can be distributed to attendees on a flash drive.


This is a more advanced class for technicians and repair personnel. It includes review of digital information, waveforms, and transmission of serial data. The course covers NMEA0183, J1939, NMEA2000 and TCIP data forms. Labs will be given, it is suggested attendees bring their work laptop and a USB to serial adapter if available. I will be able to provide hand outs for this class. One full day should be allowed for this class.

New class was given middle of July at American Custom Yachts, we had technicians as far as Jacksonville attend. Everyone really liked the labs that went with the course. We demonstrated how to use the NMEA2000 meter, it's limitations and assets. We also used the Maretron N2KAnalyzer to show actual data being transmitted. We then designed a NMEA2000 network using Maretron N2KBuilder. On the NMEA0183 we demonstrated how to read sentences and send test messages.

RF Theory and Radio Wave Propagation

This course is good for all types of installers and service personnel. We will learn the theory behind radio waves, frequency, antenna theory and design. Safety will be discussed last and the effects of various signals on the human body will be learned. This course takes 4 hours, there will be no labs, but handouts are available. 

HVAC Theory and Practices

This course is currently under development.

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